Perineal Gel Pack and Witch Hazel Wipe Pack

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Soothing Perineal Care Kit - Gentle, Effective Relief for Delicate Areas. 

  • Introducing our thoughtfully designed perineal care kit. This kit is ideal for those navigating the postpartum period, recovering from C-sections, or dealing with hemorrhoids. It includes 2 soft, form-fitting gel packs alongside 30 medicated Witch Hazel wipes, ensuring comprehensive care for your most delicate areas.
  • Complete Care in One Kit. Our Perineal Care Kit contains two Soft, Form-Fitting Gel Packs and 30 Individual, Medicated Witch Hazel Wipes. Whether you're in need of cooling relief or warm comfort, this kit is equipped to support you through various stages of recovery and care.
  • Form-Fitting Gel Packs for Targeted Relief. Our gel ice packs are designed with soft edges and remain flexible even when cold, providing a snug, comfortable fit. They offer immediate cold pain relief for discomfort caused by childbirth and hemorrhoids. Simply place them in the freezer for two hours for cooling therapy.
  • Witch Hazel Wipes for Soothing Comfort. Each wipe is infused with organic Witch Hazel, renowned for its soothing properties on sore and irritated skin. Enhanced with Aloe Vera and being vegan-friendly, these large, soft wipes are also flushable, adding convenience to your care routine.
  • Versatile Temperature Therapy. These gel packs are not just for cold therapy; they also provide hot pain relief. Ideal for easing uterine cramping and perineal pain, they can be microwaved for 20 seconds for quick, soothing heat.
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