Cold Therapy Socks

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MyHalos foot ice pack cold socks for neuropathy, swollen, injured or tired feet. Our soothing ice socks are also great for plantar fasciitis and arthritis.

  • Instant Foot Relief - Halos ice pack socks provide soothing cold coverage from your toes all the way over your ankles! 
  • Colder for longer - Unlike other cold therapy gloves and socks, Halo cold therapy socks hold 3 times more gel, providing longer lasting cold feet relief. 
  • Whats included- Each foot & heel ice pack includes 2 cool reusable ice slippers, 4 gel packs, 2 compression straps & a storage pouch for keeping your cold feet socks clean and odour free.
  • Adjustable Compression and Fit- Our soothing cold socks provide targeted cold therapy relief. Simply fasten the adjustable strap to your desired pressure and enjoy a naturally calming cold therapy treatment.
  • Kind Reminder - Halos offer a 30 day returns policy and a 1 year warranty on all our ice pack socks for feet & ankles. Please do not walk while wearing your ice pack socks to avoid the risk of injury or damaging the ice packs.
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